Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Meanwhile in European Union, cats purrfer Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine over AstraZeneCAT! πŸ˜‚

Art Cat GIF with caption • COVID vaccine for cats. Dramatic kitty does not want AstraZeneCAT! They purrfer Pfizer, hahaha!
Dramatic kitty: ”DO NOT WANT!”
Serious cat: “Can I have Pfizer?”

But... will your cat really need a COVID-19 vaccine?

    "As the virus continues to infect different animal species, scientists say it would be smart to eradicate it entirely before it can mutate into something worse!

When the coronavirus jumped from humans to mink living on farms in Denmark last year, it started to mutate in new ways—and then infect more humans. It’s a scenario that might eventually happen with other animals, and that could potentially make COVID-19 vaccines less effective or even spawn new viruses. That’s why some startups are working on COVID-19 vaccines for animals—including domestic cats.

A feline vaccine for COVID-19 could be available by the end of the year. “We are also concerned with vaccinating people, but we believe that any reservoir of the virus is one to be concerned about,” says James Hayward, CEO of Applied DNA Sciences, which will soon begin clinical trials of the new feline vaccine in New York. The company is working in partnership with Italy-based Takis Biotech, and has manufactured the first doses of a DNA-based vaccine for the trial. “It has never been demonstrated that cats can transfer the virus to humans. But even having been vaccinated, I think I would not want sleeping at my feet a reservoir of SARS-CoV.”

 And recently, Russia approves world’s first Covid-19 vaccines for pets!

The vaccine trial comes after four reports of pet infections within the same week in both Italy and Mexico.

Russia’s state veterinary service is now the world’s first ever regulator to approve a Covid-19 for animals, The Moscow Times reported.

According to the Russian paper, the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance [Rosselkhoznadzor] said that Carnivac-Cov medical trials were conducted on cats, dΓΈgs, minks and several other animals in October, with production set to be launched as early as April.

“The results allow us to conclude that the vaccine is harmless and has high immunogenicity, since all tested animals developed coronavirus antibodies in 100% of cases,” Rosselkhoznadzor’s deputy head Konstantin Savenkov said in a statement, adding that it is still looking into its long-term efficacy.

The vaccine ‘Karnivak-Kov’ was created to prevent the spread or mutation of the virus from animals to humans, especially after infections linked to mink farms were reported last year.

The shot is estimated to be 91.6% effective against symptomatic COVID and 100% effective against severe and moderate COVID cases for “no less than six months.” Mass production could potentially begin as early as April.

Four reports of pet infections were reported in Italy and Mexico over the past week, the agency said, calling for a need to provide immunisation among animals.

“Russian scientists believe that the vaccine’s use can prevent the virus from mutating, which most often occurs during interspecies transmission,”said Savenkov.

The World Health Organization [WHO] revealed that while there were no cases of pet-to-human infections, it is still “likely to very likely” that the virus initially spread from bats.

 “We should be prepared to prevent a situation rather than deal with it later if it takes a negative turn,” said Savenkov.

Zoo animals have also tested positive for the virus, including BiG CATS such as lions, tigers, pumas, cougars, snow leopards and several gorillas (one at the San Diego Zoo)."

So... wait and see  πŸ‘€

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