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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Cats and kids: not all super heroes wear red capes! (2 GIFs)

Amazing Cat GIF • Clever cat watches over kid trying to climb balcony! Not all super heroes wear capes []
Clever cat watches over kid trying to climb balcony!
“Wow fantastic! Great babysitter.”
“Better than some parents.”
“What a clever, caring cat.”
“Oh my gosh how precious & smart.”
“This cat deserves an award!”
“I am your guardian angel.” ❤️
“He’s like 'Damnit kid listen to meee!'”
“Such a good nana kitty.”
“Great team spirit: film your kid while the cat is doing all the parenting.”

Amazing Cat GIF • Heroic and clever cat protects little boy from the hot stove
“Heroic family cat jumped up and grabbed the toddler's arms in her paws - pushing him away from the dangerous kitchen appliance.”
[Video: FunnyBabies&CutePets]
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