Saturday, April 10, 2021

BOOM BOOM BOOM [...] Purrfect STRIKE! Maru's dynamic walk

Funny Cat GIF • Maru's dynamic walk... He's a little bit clumsy but so funny and cute []
“WHAT? A strike? Where?”
“Maru is pure beauty, such elegance and so...graceful,,haha πŸ˜…”
“My Job Here Is Done, What Else?”
“Too much flufff.”
“Semplicemente adorabile.” πŸ’–
“Maru! You are so pawesome and loved all around the World!”
“Such a supermodel, whatever!”
“Trop fort le Maru, il a tout dΓ©moli en 3 secondes et avec classe !” πŸ‘
“Wait girls, I'm not chubby, not clumsy, just big boned, that's why.” 😸
[Video @maruhanamogu]

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