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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Self control with the new budgie >> Level: 100. Cute and gentle cat

Cute Cat GIF • Gentle cat wants to touch new budgie but he's too shy. So sweet kitty [].gif
“Decisions decisions.. do I boop this bird up or pet it?!”
"Qué dulce! 💕 Está echándole la bendición, jajjaaja!"
“He looks very polite!
"Нежность и любовь." 😍
“Me scared to touch bae when she’s angry.”
“Me scared to touch my girlfriend when she's on period.” 😂
“Je te ferais bien un petit câlin, mais je ne suis pas sûr que tu sois consentante, alors par les temps qui courent je préfère m'abstenir..."
"Ayyy, qué bonito ese gatito!"
“Should i do it? Nah hooman will get mad... but maybe if they don’t see it? No i can’t hooman might be angry.”
"Guardare ma non toccare..."
“Me with sweets and chocolates in the supermarket.” 💋
"'Che simpatico pennuto' pensa il gatto."
“Friend (but whispering)”
"Muito fofos!" 💖
“Shy cat is shy.”
"Bellísimo, tierno, hermoso, precioso, adorable: tremenda lección para los humanos."
“Precious and so sweet! Kitties can be so tender.”
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