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Friday, April 16, 2021

“Hooman, you got me.. I was hoping you would RUB my belly and...

Funny Cat GIF • Cool Bengal cat was hoping his human would RUB its belly but...nothing! []
...nothing! You're cruel to me. Maybe next time?”
“Oh hey it's you Mom, you're home early today.”
“Coolest kitty ever, haha.”
“Give him a belly rub for me.”
“Kittyyyyy, are you playing dead?”
“WHAT? I was meditating...”
"Immer wenn ich von der Uni heimkomme."
“How I felt yesterday when I got home from work.”
"Ai céus, não vou nem falar com quem parece."
“When you come home from school or work feeling so overwhelmed you throw yourself on the floor!”
'무엇? 나는 너를 기다리고 쉬고 있었다.'
“It looks just like a cheetah.”
"Olha que gracinhaaaa."
“WHAT? Sorry I can't hear what you say, last night was pretty rough!.”
'kkkkk nem sou tantooooo assim vai só um pouquinho.'
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