😻 “Cute kittyn supervising his hooman doing his homework.” πŸ’ž

Cute Cat GIF • Cute fluffy Persian cat on the back of his human supervising his homework [cat-gifs.com]
“Yes, real men love πŸ’• cats.”
“The cutest and fluffiest supervisor ever.”
“Purrfect working from home environment.”
“'Eric', you’re the best helper, sweetheart.”
“Does he just climb up there on his own like that? Such a wonderful kitty, that fluffy 'Eric'.”
"En ik dacht dat de mijne aanhankelijk was."
“Such a gorgeous friend and helpfull kitty.”
“Hahaha you're doing a great job there, supervising your Daddy, 'Eric' sweetheart.”
“The most wonderful and Fluffy supervisor!.”
“Dude, you are getting cat power when working.”
“you need one when you work from home.”
“You see how hard we have to work to keep our humans on task?”
“Aww I wish my cats loved me like that.”“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages and it made a bad day make me feel happy.” 😍
[Video @eric_and_ollie_]
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