Friday, April 9, 2021

“Supervising my hooman doing his homework.” 😸

Cute Cat GIF • Cute fluffy Persian cat on the back of his human supervising his homework []
“Yes, real men love 💕 cats.”
“The cutest and fluffiest supervisor ever.”
“Purrfect working from home environment.”
"Вот человек который любит кошек ♥"
“'Eric', you’re the best helper, sweetheart.”
"Quand ton chat Persan Chinchilla te réchauffe et te fait un petit massage de la tête pour t'aider à calculer ton budget mensuel."
"Que tierno el gatito"👌
“Does he just climb up there on his own like that? Such a wonderful kitty, that fluffy 'Eric'.”
"En ik dacht dat de mijne aanhankelijk was."
“Such a gorgeous friend and helpfull kitty.”
"Das wäre doch mal ne Katze fürs Büro"
“Hahaha you're doing a great job there, supervising your Daddy, 'Eric' sweetheart.”
"Pato è ancora peggio lui si fa le unghie alla mia schiena."
“The most wonderful and Fluffy supervisor!.”
"Como lo quiero a ese gatito!"
“Dude, you are getting cat power when working.”
“you need one when you work from home.”
"Ti prego ma come e sdraiato." ❤
“You see how hard we have to work to keep our humans on task?”
“Aww I wish my cats loved me like that.”
"Nossos gatinhos até que são bonzinhos kkkkk"
“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages and it made a bad day make me feel happy.” 😍
[Video @eric_and_ollie_]

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