Monday, April 26, 2021

“OMG...have you seen this weird spinny thing? WTF?”

Funny Cat GIF • Cat lesmerized by weird spinny pillows in the crib. “Hmmm...I sense danger...” []
“Birdie, Little lamb, Ghengar... What the heck?”
"Those monsters, they're hanging them by their necks! Am... Am I next?"
“I don't know which universe I am in. Do you?”
“Hmmm...I sense danger... It's a trap.”
“Is it a crib for the baby or for the chubby cat?”
“I hope they don’t always have this many cushions in the crib.”
“Trippy cat is fuck*ng trippy.”
“Seriously, why are there so many pillows in there? Weird parents.”

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