Meanwhile in Istanbul: “Do not disturb 'King cat' during his nap.”

Amazing Cat GIF • Feral cat napping in the street. Zero f*cks given to walking people! []
“Why don't someone just pick the cat up and pet it a bit then move it to other safe place?”
“In Turkeys, they really love and RESPECT feral cats.”
“If it's was me I would take him home.”
“Nope, a feral cat or a stray cat is an un-owned domestic cat that lives OUTDOORS...”

“I can’t believe that that happened!”
“When the cat shows you he rules the city.”
“I would have to pick this fur baby up hopefully not scare it.”
“He's standing his ground no matter what...”
“Obviously the warmest spot he could find to be cosy.”
“This cat is my hero!”
“Hmmm... Purrfect spot for a nap, really?”
"Il nuovo controllore all'uscita."
“Poor kitty, he deserves a sweet some, pick him up.”
"Quanta indifferenza che tristezza d'animo."
“Can I have the cat plz I wanna pet and cuddle him.”
“IDK why the cat is there, but at least people made sure not to step on it.”
“Heartless people.”
"Porque no lo llevan a un refugio, en vez de dejarlo ahí pobre bebé."😠
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