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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Meanwhile in Russia... Sheldon’s favourite game: “Weeeee!”

Hilarious Cat GIF • Jerk cat knock books over on his owner's head! That poor guy lives in constant danger hahaha! []
Owner: Любимое развлечение Шелдона. Уииии...
“That poor guy lives in constant danger...but he seems to have come to terms with it!”
“Get all this sh*t out of my private space”.
"Quand ton chat en a ras le bol de tous ces livres nuls que tu n'as jamais lus et qui encombrent son perchoir !"
“Get a SIAMESE cat they said, it will be fun and they're so friendly they said...” 😂 😂 😂
"Это, скорее, слова кота, ведь полка идеально ему подходит, какого фига там книги/диски?"
"кожаные от лап отбились." 😂
“OMG, was.. was that a white tablet?”
"Jajajajaja por suerte no tngo nada para k s suban." 😂
“I love this. Little stinker.”
(Oops sorry!)4 😂⠀
"может он любит крабить вместо пвп."
"Que cabroooooon!!! Jajajaa!"
“What a brat of a cat!”
"Te hace a ti eso alguna de tus hijas y te dan los 7 males."
“It's the jerk cattitude, haha!”
“Mwahahaha...I'm dying.”
"Das sind unsere beiden wenn wir Keys laufen nichts geht über eine Katze!"
“In Russia it's raining...books!”
"Quando a gente tiver o nosso." 😅
"Maar goed dat jij geen boekenplank boven je werkplek hebt."
“What a little devil!” 😈
"Se me quitan las ganas de gatos, yo a mis libros los quiero demasie..."
[Video @sheldon.and.leya • Russia, Saint Petersburg]
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