SPLASH! With a little help from my friend ♪ ♫ πŸ˜‚

Funny Cat GIF • Jerk bat pushes another cat in water. “Little push but big sploosh haha! [cat-gifs.com]
“Little push but big sploosh haha!”
“I think he wanted to prevent the other cat from catching a fish!”
“Some cats are absolute motherf*ckers of the pet kingdom but I love them.”
“Some of feral cats are little spawns of evil.”
“There's a good reason: it's black cat, mwahaha wait for it!”
“All it takes is a little push.”
“Oops, sorry Bro, it was just a (wet) prank...”
“For me it's an affectionate gesture, I think he loves the other cat.” :)
“Are you OK, Bro?” • “NO! I hate water and...you!”
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