Lazy chubby cat playing with his "Turbo scratcher" cat toy...

Funny Cat GIF • Lazy chubby Cat playing with his Turbo scratcher cat toy in the laziest way haha what a shame [] the laziest way! 😁

OK, OK, I’ll start my diet...... tomorrow.
“When your cat attempts to nap and play at the same time: it's the playnap time.”
“This is exactly how I feel every monday morning.”
“Cats are creatures of pure leisure. Unless it's time to eat, haha, funny chubby cat.”
“I can tell you struggle with your weight but don't let depression take over your life.”
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Funny Kitten GIF • Crazy kitty gone wild with his new cat toy with ball. He's pouncing like a baby goat.
You're doing it right, kitty! 👏