Monday, April 12, 2021

“Playtime is over baby. Getcho ass down here, at home and Goto bed!” (2 GIFs)

Cute Kitten GIF • Good Mama cat rescues her kitten stuck on a tree. Well done []

“But Moooooom, I was climbing!
“Nope, you were stuck you smol CATastrophe!”
“Honey your gonna fall and break your neck so let me help you with your neck now get your ass down!”
“I like how she sniffed it first to make sure it was her’s. Otherwise, not her problem haha.”
“Good Momma! Good job, she purrfectly knows how to (mama) cat.”
“I like the warmup before she leaps up the tree.”
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Reverse Kitten GIF • Mama cat he drops her baby at the top of the tree and then leaves it, haha []
Reverse GIF πŸ˜‰

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