Friday, April 30, 2021

Cat: “Helping my Dad, he get back in shape for summer and the nice thing is I don't have to do anything.”

Amazing Cat GIF • One real man and his patient Cat ► Purrfect workout together at home []
“I think this would be the purrfect at-home workout for cat lovers”
“Well, the purrfect husband does exist!” 💕
“Why have a gym membership when I have two live dumb-bells at home?!”
"Envidiable lo del lindo gatuno."
“Real men love cats.” 😍
“Kitty is so cool, patient and tolerant, for sure he loves his human.”
"Voglio essere quel gatto!"
“Honestly, I hope that patient cat got some extra treats, he deserves them.”
“I would have the protein shake ready for him. That's a tough workout!”
“Pourquoi payer un abonnement dans une salle de gym, alors que ton matou docile peut parfaitement faire l'affaire, héhé ?”
[Video @jacobscrate]

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