Unexpected panic and a chain reaction leads to an epic chaos!!!!!

Crazy Cat GIF • Unexpected panic and a chain reaction leads to epic chaos cats running like crazy! [cat-gifs.com]
“It happened abruptly and it is a total chaotic situation ► Total abrupt chaos!”
“Hmmm... I'm so confused, what sent them scattering?”
“They're really spooked so I'm wondering if it's a smoke alarm or something going off?”
“Nope, I think they saw invisible ZOMBIES that's why!”
”Dude, why are we running like crazy?” “I have no idea, stop asking questions and run...run...run!”
“That was the longest startle I've ever seen.”
“Haha, there is a lot of cat driftiiiiing.”
“And not a single Red dot was caught that day, hahahaha!”
“That black cat wins the award for best scrambling legs.”
[Video: via OllyTwist @imgur.com]
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