This adorable floff kitty will totally melt 💘 your heart

Cute Kitten GIF • Super cute kitty meowing in her basket. She needs her mom or she's hungry []
“But why are you so cuuuute? It's criminal!” 😢
“Super cute ♥ kitty MEOWing in her comfy box. But why?”
“She needs her mom.”
“She's hungry: feed me... feed me... feed me.”
“Halp, Halp, Halp, I'm stuck!”
“MEOW MEOW MEOW. Pay attention to me, I'm cute and I know it :)”
“Cuteness overdrive engaged.”
“Ok you win, 'AWWW Mode' activated.”
“Oh my god, overdosed on cute.”
“BOOOOM! 💔 Thank you, I just ex-plo-ded from cuteness overload.”

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