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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Teaching clever kitten how to use the new scratching post ;)

Cute kitten GIF • Teaching clever kitten how to use the new scratching post. Such a little cutie pie! []
“God damn this is freaking adorable.”
“Good kitty! Such a little cutie pie.”
“Oh my gosh, so cute. I actually went 'awww!'”
“He's like, "Huh? What're you doing? ... What? So just.... Oooohhh that's gooood!"
“Kitty at the end: “Hooman, am I doing it right?”
“'He deserves a 'goodboi' and a good treat.”
“Pfft! Scratching posts are merely warmup stations for our cats, preparatory to moving on to the REAL contest - the dining room...chairs.”
“Vets will also trim your cats nails if you don't feel comfortable. This method will keep you safe from deep scratches at playtime ;)”
“I tried this for a half hour with my new kitten and all it did was put a bunch of new holes in my hand and run away to scratch the couch again, haha, little monster!”
“This is how I taught my cat too: purrfect.”
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