This is why working from home is impurrsible for cat lovers, haha πŸ˜„

Funny Cat GIF • Working from home with two affectionate cats is an impurrsible mission, haha... []
“Suddenly, double attack of cuteness.” πŸ’•
“Mom, Pay attention to us, pet us, feed us...”
“This is what happens when you are trying to work from your home office with two affectionate twin cats.”
“This is just hella cute, pure ♥ love.”
“And the (poor) woman is sitting on the edge of her chair to make room for the cat.”  😼
“Slapping machine in action on the desk, haha.”
“That awkward moment when you realize that one of your cats thinks that your back is a...purrfect scratching post!” πŸ‘€
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