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Friday, May 14, 2021

Look at those 2 awwdorable πŸ’• balls of fur with pointy 'tails' running across the floor...

Cute Kitten GIF • Look at those 2 awwdorable balls of fur with 'pointy tails' running across the floor []
“I'm adorable and I know it. Wiggle... Wiggle... Wiggle...”
“Good one! Exceptionally pointy and wiggly.”
“OMG,  the best part is there is not only one wiggly kitten, but TWO!” 😻 😻
“And here we have a rare sight: the early steps of the baby furr potato.”
“Run, Run kitty a monster behind you is going to catch you!”
“I simply cannot tolerate this level of cuteness: it's crilminal!”
“Delightful ravenous kittens chasing down their helpless prey.”
“Love the triangle tails!”
“What are these chunky lil things, haha?!”
“Dust bunnies.”
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