“OMG! SO MANY BOXES!” A Cat lover built a super maze for his 2 cats...

Funny Cat GIF • Cat lover built a huge maze for his 2 Cats using 50 cardboard boxes!!!
...using 50 cardboard boxes!
“If there's anything certain about cats, it's their love for cardboard boxes. So, 'Cole' and 'Marmalade's owner decided to created a cat maze using... 50 small cardboard boxes. The best part about the cat maze is that it can be broken down and stored in a relatively small area, so hopefully 'Cole' and 'Marmalade' can enjoy the cat maze for years to come.” (rumble.com)
“'Cole' and 'Marmalade' are two lucky cats to have an owner like you.“
“I like how you made holes in the sides for the to crawl through but they just jumped over them, PARKOUR cats, haha!”
"Quand tes chats, fous de joie, découvrent la “Cité des 50 cartons“ et sautent dedans comme des cabris."
[Video: Cole and Marmalade @youtube.com]