Sunday, May 16, 2021

Omg, poor cat hit by a bike! • Nope, just a greedy $$$ cat (Obvious attempt at insurance fraud caught on camera!)

Funny Cat GIF • Greedy cat hit by a bike Obvious attempt at insurance fraud caught on camera []
“Human, what a CAT-tastrophe! I'm hurt... Help me I can't get up because you broke my back and my neck! I want $100,000, but we can settle out of court right meow for only $50,000.” πŸ˜†
(NO, don't give him any money, he'll just spend it on...catnip!)
“What? Another Russian cat attempting insurance scam video caught on dashcam?”
“Very good actor. He deserves a cat Oscar!"
"Quand le chat cupide du voisin se jette sous la roue avant de ton VTT pour simuler un accident dont tu serais responsable et ainsi, Γͺtre indemnisΓ© par ton assureur !"
[Video: μ–Όλ§ˆμ•ˆλ‚¨μ€ κΈΈμƒν™œμ„ μ¦κΈ°λŠ” 미웑씨]

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