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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

♥ Awwdorable standing kitty playing with owner fingers ♥

Cute Kitten GIF • Ferocious kitten wants to kill human's finger! Aww do cute standing playing hard []
Awww...Criminal kitty! 💕
“What a cute a,d brave baby!”
“Melted my heart.”
“Purrfect balance.”
"Attention à ce cruel monstre il pourrait t'amputer d'un doigt !"  
“Ya you cute thing I bite your tummy and your fats ufff love yaa.”
“This may be the cutest kitty yet.”
"Ihr solltet Euch unbedingt zwei Kätzchen zulegen!"
“Looks like a lil snow leopard.”
"¡No se metan conmigo!"
“Purrminator in action!” 
"Aaaaaw cochito yo lo quiero" 😍
"진짜 미티겠땅 앙즈야"
“Oh yeah, really brutal kitten, haha so cute!”
"θα το κανω κ αυτο σταμπα χαχαχαχ"
[Video: mo_harutan 숨멎주의]
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