Friday, May 14, 2021

"When your work alarm goes off in the morning and....

Cute Cat GIF • Lazy Siamese cat sleeping on Mom's arm. Don't move, you're my fav pillow [] ask bae to come back to bed for...'Just five more minutes'.
The cat is like: "Hey slave, don't move, where do you think you're going with MY pillow?"
“How many times have I been lay because my kitty was in the mood to snuggle..."
"jajajajajjaja con la comida me hace asΓ­. Para que le de carne me agarra la mano."
"Oh non, tu ne bouges pas, ton bras est mon oreiller favori, on est pas bien sur le canapΓ© tous les deux pour faire une petite sieste ?"
"Jeje, asΓ­ son mis gatos duermen SOBRE mi mano!"
[Video: nikkonub]

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