Saturday, May 1, 2021

Headbutts of love 💕 Affectionate cat needs to be petted

Cute cat GIF • Affectionate cat needs to be petted • Headbutts of love []
“Hmmm, I think (s)he hungry!  My cat always does this when he's hungry :D Pretending to cuddle, but in reality he just want Om Nom Nom!”
NOT TRUE, mine do it only for pets or to be babied (carried around like a baby, even developed a different sounding meow for being picked up) not for food. But with my sister they do that just for food. They have limited forms of expression, of course they will use similar ways to get your attention for both things, food and caresses. Take more time to bond with your cat so it can see you as a companion, then you'll see you are no longer just a food giver.”
NEVER GIVE UP! Try again and again until you get what you want.” 😊

Funny petted cat sticking his tongue because he's in heaven
Sticking tongue out
because (s)he's in heaven :)

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