Sunday, May 16, 2021

Massive cat forget that he's not a kitten anylonger (OUCH! Poor back)

Crazy Cat GIF • Super massive fluffy cat jumps on woman back thinking she is his new personal cat tree []
Huge fluff Cat using woman back as personal climbing tree.
“My cat also always jumps into my sink when I put my makeup on.”
“And my cat did that once while I was shaving and I took a chunk outta my beard.”
"ร‰ isso que meu mamute Romeu faz quando to me escovando ou lavando a louรงa."
"Quand ton 'petit' chat de 12 kg te saute sur le dos pour t'aider ร  te peigner les cheveux...  Sympa, non ?"
"Quelindo amo gatos tenho 3 prenceza sรฃo a minhas paixรฃo."
[Video: ladylolathecat]

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