Thursday, May 20, 2021

IN-CRE-DI-BLE! Cat 110% focused on his target!!! (2 GIFs)

Amazing Cat GIF • Cat focused on his target doesn't give a single about a bird attack []

Cat GIF with caption • Zer0 fucks given. Amazing cat focused on his target [].gif
Zer0 fucks given...
And not a single f*ck was given that day, whatever.
“OMG, some birds are so aggressive and stubborn!” 😠
“Never take your eyes off the target no matter what is going on around you.”
“Purrminator: 'F*ck you silly bird, because...CAT!”
“I said: 'Please, DO NOT disturb.'”
“Cat:1  Bird:0 Huge FAIL!” 😆
“Creepy! The cat's tail is dead or what?!”
“Nope, still alive but it's an INDESTRUCTIBLE tail!”
“Yep, so amazing, the tail looks like a FAKE tail but it's real...”
Funny Cat GIF • 30 fluffy cats looking at a pigeon in sync! It's a big audience haha! []
Mode FOCUSED activated!

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