2 fluffy cats in love • Face scrub? “Must.Clean.My.Bro”

Cute Cat GIF • 'Smoothie' kissing licking and cleaning 'Milkshake's face. Cute fluffy couple [ok-cats.com]
“OMG, I can't with 'Smoothie' and 'Milkshake'.The cuttest couple of British longhair cats in the world.”
“They're so stinking cute. They need to make kitty babies.”
“I love how 'Shake' always turns his head just right when he's getting a bath in order to sneak a smooch on the mouth.”
"Oh Gott nein ich kann nicht mehr das ist zu viel süßer, sich abknutschender FlauschFluff aufeinmal."
“I love you Bro and I want to lick your face.”
“Aww... these two fluffy and precious Kitties.”
“Así voy a estar contigo bebé.” 💕
"Quand tes deux poilus s'aiment d'amour tendre et que la toilette est prétexte à se faire plein de bisous."
[Video: smoothiethecat]