When the cats (3) are broken >> cat.exe is no longer working!

Funny Cat GIF • Broken cat.exe is no longer working. Zero fucks given to human 's hand [ok-cats.com]
Zero f*cks given No. 1
I think the cat is fixing on a fly on the wall 👀
“Nope, I think the cat is on catnip overdose.”
“Nope, I think he just forgot how to cat.”
Must stay focused on my target, whatever...”
“The truth is that cat.exe has stopped responding, so he needs to update his old Windows OS, haha.”
[Video: 1Voice1Life @ gfycat.com]

Funny Cat GIF • Cat focused on bird does not give a single fuck to human boops [ok-cats-site.com]
Zero f*cks given No. 2

Funny Cat GIF • Cat mesmerized by human finger movements on his nose and mouth.
Zero f*cks given No. 3

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