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Thursday, July 15, 2021

WOW, Supercat (she) in action! That was a seriously impressive dive! πŸ‘€

Amazing cat GIF •  You have never seen a cat diving in the ocean with such intention! []
“Her owners live on a boat and this brave one has been in water since she was tiny, this is why she can do that!” πŸ’™
“What a legend, breaking the rules (cats hate water) I've never seen that before !
“Well you don’t see that every day. A-WE-SO-ME! That’s a water lovin’ cat.”
“The fearless cat who loves the beach.”
“That’s the dream. Live in a hot country, by the sea, with a beach loving cat.”
“Damned! Never seen a cat jump into the water like that.”
What a fuck*ng dive! Go kitty go, you're simply the best!” πŸ‘Œ
“haha this cat swims better than me, than you!”
“Whhaaaaat!? No way...cats hate the water.” πŸ˜„
“I have never seen a cat willingly enter a body of water.”
“Holy shit! Pawesome! I need this cat in my life.” πŸ‘
“I  have never seen a cat just dive in with such intention.”
Cat: “Screw your crappy boat I’m outta here!”
“Whatever. Don’t be nasty. Anyway that is just crazy. My cat just about had a stroke watching.”
He's like: “C'mon, vamos a la playaaaaaa!” 😸
“That's incredible. This cat may just be my spirit animal.”
“That’s the greatest cat I’ve ever seen.”
“That cute bumpy motion when she swims.” ❤️

I'm flying... SPLASH! πŸ˜‚
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