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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Hmmm... You can't choose your cat, THE CAT chooses you! πŸ’•

Cute Kitten GIF • You can't choose your cat, the cat chooses you! 'Pet me and adopt me human...' []
“This how I adopt my 2 stranger cats: adopt, don't shop!”
“You shall not pass, pet me!”
“Human you don’t understand. You have been chosen and your resistance is futile.
“Hey hooman bring me to your home, I'm a good boy.”
“Why do I never find such cats in the street?!”
“What’s the password human?”
“Cat: don't ignore your new master, now take me home.”
“He’s the luckiest guy.”
“If I had there I would adopt him.”
“I wouldn't even dare to walk any further when being chosen by an affectionate fluff.”
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