”I'd like a KFC bucket of 'Maru' please, extra floofy.”

Funny Cat GIF • 'Maru' fits in a small KFC bucket smelling like chicken [ok-cats.com]
“He was a lil perplexed by the cylindrical shape but he figured it out!”
“If it fits, I sits” 😺
“Amazing how much of his big body he can squeeze into a little container. And look comfortable.”
“New cat breed >> The 'KFC bucket cat'.” 👍
“We see a bucket but 'Maru' sees a comfy round box. And he tries to sit in it, of course. xD”
“That KFC bucket still smells like chicken! That`s why 'Maru' loves it!”
[Video: maru mugumogu @youtube.com]