Fabulous 'Smoothie' slowly stretching after a good nap πŸ’š THOSE EYES πŸ’š

Cute Cat GIF • Gorgeous British long hair cat with beautiful green eyes stretching slowly [ok-cats.com]
“I don't think I've seen more beautiful green eyes ever before (with natural eyeliner).” πŸ’–
“She's so beautiful, I would die if I watch her one more time... aaaahhhh I'm dying!”
“BRITISH long hair Cats are THE BEST!” (and...God save the Queen Kitty)”
“She's like the super model of catdom.”
“One of the prettiest Kitty in the World!”
“OMG! What a wonderful cat! Mode Gorgeous: activated.”
“Me trying to seduce my Boss.”
[Video @smoothiethecat]