Cute tired kitty slowly falling asleep on 2 little pillows

Cute Kitten GIF • Tired kitty slowly falling asleep on its 2 little pillows. Nap attack. Sweet dreams baby []
“Ahhh I'm melting ❤️  Cuteness overload.”
“Adorable kitty.  This is also me right meow - so sleepy.”
“ Nap now would be purrfect! So sweet baby.”
“Haha!! That kitty was OUT before it’s head hit the pillow!.
“Pretty much what I wanted to do all day.”
“It’s been a very busy day 😻  Sweet dreams baby.”
“Now, he needs a blankie.”
“That's what happens when I'm watching TV past 9 P.M. Zzzz...Zzzz”
“Me, all Monday mornings during math class.” πŸ˜„
[Video @veggiedayz]