Black cat: “Hmmm...where the heck did the lizard go?” 😂

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny black cat with a green lizard on his head []

“Hey kitty, look up ▲”
“Another reason I love cats! They do such funny things!“
“I’ve never seen a cat with a lizard on its head.”
“How patient and tolerant is this black cat.”
“Funny tiny green hat >> Fashion victim.”
“Amazing luxurious collar”
“It still blows my mind how black cats don’t get adopted as often as other colors. How could you not want a mini panther in your house?
“New cat breed: the black LiZCAT!” 😋
“Pretty kitty and fun lizard hitching a ride!”
[Video @horst_the_hero]

Hilarious Cat GIF • When a crazy baby sugar glider tries to ride a cat by surprise, haha poor cat []