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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Wow! Fast and agile kitty bunny kicking soccer ball! ⚽️

Amazing Kitten GIF •  Wow! Fast kitty bunny kicking soccer ball. Better goalie than human goalkeepers! []
“Return to sender Mode activated” 😝
“Damned, that kitten can play better soccer than humans!” 😻
“This kitty is stronger than 'La pulga'.”
“This kitty is stronger than 'CR7'.”
“This kitty is stronger than 'Ney'.”
“This kitty is stronger than MbappΓ©.”
“So, he must play @PSG!” 😁
“Wait, that ameowzing kitten is the future goalkeeper of United States women's 😚 national soccer team!” 🐱
“Jump grab kick!”πŸ‘
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