Meanwhile in Turkey, a good man gives a fish for free to…

Cute Cat GIF • Good man give a fish for free to hungry begging cat at supermarket. 'Thank your sir.' []
…hungry cat begging for some food at the supermeowrket.
“Aww…such a good man πŸ’— Kindness is a beautiful trait.”
“He is very smart, he knows where to get some food!”
“Cat buying fish in a market. They’ll take over the world yet.”
“Thank you man, you are so gentle and you made kitty so happy.” 😺
Cat: “Meow, I’m hungry, can I have a small fish, please.”
Man: “Well, you don’t have the money, isn’t it?”
Cat: “Nope, I’m a poor feral cat”.
Man: “So you want it for free? OK, here’s then, c’mon, take it. You’re a lucky kitty because I’m a Cat lover πŸ’•”
[Video @ikramkorkmazer]

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