10 curious cats startled by a mysterious swiffer robot! 😂

Hilarious Cat GIF • Many curious Cat startled by a mysterious swiffer robot! Haha, epic cat like-reflexes [ok-cats.com]
“Guys...Abort! Abort! Abort! It’s a trap!”
“I love how some of the cats run in place for a couple seconds!”
“Like it’s a cat cartoon.”
“HaHa, the fluffy white one couldn’t get enough traction in her beans to run. Made me laugh.”
“My cat runs just like that on our laminate floors. It’s always hilarious!”
“The one that backs up, looks around like: “WHAT ARE WE RUNNING FROM!?”
“Cats on hardwood floors will never cease to provide a good chuckle.”
[Video: mike_pants @imgur.com]
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