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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Funny & cute cat: “Oh hey, it's you're home early today.” 🙀

Funny Cat GIF • Cute cat stealing human bed. “So tonight you must sleep on the couch...” []
“And now they still our beds, little monsters!”
“WHAAAT? No problem, tonight you sleep on the couch, OK?”
“Come at me hooman...”
“Hi Mom, I was waiting for you...”
“Head cat is just a...head.”
“Those big eyes 👀 and small ears.” 😁
“He looks so tiny in this large bed.”
“Comfy pillow.”
“So happy kitty. So comfy life. So lucky life” 💖
“Kitty: 'I'm tucked in for some snooze time turn away the camera'”

GIF with caption •  Cat in human bed. “So where are you going to sleep tonight?”
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