“My professor asked me to bring my 13 week old kitten to class, so...”

Funny Kitten GIF • Cute kitty runs on desktops in the classroom, so happy to meet new cat lovers [ok-cats.com]
“Happy Kitty. At least your kitten had a good day and meet new cat lovers.” πŸ‘Œ
“What school is that? I am sending my daughter there.”
“HaHa, look at the upset faces of those who couldn't pet him because he was running too fast.”
“When I was younger, my professor told us we will be talking about our animals, so I was like ‘I can take them with me at school, they'll see them!’ but in the end it didn't happened...”
“Good idea: tomorrow, I bring my cat to class, I swear.”
“WARNING! I got suspended after bringing my cat into class, totally worth it, haha such a mess! 😁”
“Last year I failed the class because I brought my 2 cute kitties to class.”
“My silly professor gave me an F because I brought my kitten to class.”
“Going around table you get an A, everyone gets an A!"
“Poor guy in the corner, he tried to pet it but catto went too much zoom.”
“He learned about teasing people and making them say... 'AWWW'” πŸ’•
“Pure joy on everyone's face as it prances around, I love.”
“Kitten pushed that kids paper off the table and ran from the crime scene.”

Amazing Cat GIF • Lazy Ginger Cat lying on the floor inside the  classroom,  haha, and everybody is acting like it was normal
Meanwhile in another class...πŸ‘
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