Cute cat • Those unbelievable eyes like πŸ’š green jewels πŸ’š

Amazing Cat GIF • Gorgeous Smoothie, Queen of fluff with emerald eyes and black eyeliner, it's unbelievable! []
“Smoothie's worth more than any jewel!”
“OMG, she has two EMERALD EYES.”
“Nicknamed her 'Emmy', short for *EMerald eYes*".”
“I can get lost her those eyes.” πŸ‘€
“Such a beautiful kitty with green eyes and black eyeliner.” πŸ’”
“Whiskers are so LONG (I collect my cats whiskers all the time).”
“Who could resist those magic eyes?!”
“In ancient Egypt, Cats were considered Gods and they haven't forgotten this...”
“Such a natural beauty, it’s just ameozingly ameaozing!”
“The most beautiful Queen of fluff.” πŸ‘
“This level of gorgeousness should be illegal!” πŸ’•
“Stunning! The beauty is beyond Imagination.”
“That black stroke around those jewel eyes, like Cleopatra.”
[Video @smoothiethecat]

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