Funny 'Coke cat': “Do NOT touch any of them, ALL of them are MINE!” 🐾

Funny Cat GIF • Possessive cat does NOT want to share his coke bottles with his thirsty humans, haha []
“Please 'Kenny', just one, I'm so thirsty.” • “I said NOOOPE!” 😼
“Hey, can I borrow your fluff cat to help keep me honest to my diet?” πŸ˜‚
“Possessive cat wants everything for himself.”
“Keeping his humans in good health.”  😻
“He's still very territorial about what he thinks are his things.”
“Never touch my coke ever again!”
“It isn't that ‘Kenny’ doesn't like sharing! ‘Kenny’ is taking care of you and your weight. He's such a handsome and caring baby.”
“Take your dirty hand off MY energy drink!” πŸ’ͺ
[Video @kitty.chloeykenshin]
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