Wow! Supercat, the new Avenger comes to save his humans 😺

Amazing Cat GIF • Wow! Supercat with his red cape is flying. Impressive high jump! []
That amazing cat can do the high jump. Let's enter him in the cat Olympics. 😊
“Flying as a super hero.”
“Super hero wearing his red cape.” 😻
“Funny hind legs floating in the air.”
“Wow, what a jumper.”
“Incredible fluid motion of its body.”
“The fluffinator in action.” 💥
“Super impressive jump! Love ❤️ it.”
“That red cape fluttering in the wind though.”
“That reminds me of my cat when he hears the treat bag.”
“Cats are amazingly pawsome and agile.”
“Look at his face! Feeling nothing but super cool and proud.”🐱
[Video: amazing_cats]