HO HO HO! Here comes Santa Cat ♪♫ Here comes Santa Cat ♪♫ (Oops, my nose in the snow 😹 )

Xmas Cat GIF • Here comes the black Santa cat jumping in the snow, coming from Norway
Owner: “We want to wish all our dear furriends and followers all around the world a Merry Christmas 2021” πŸ’– πŸŽ…
“Thank you! Happy meowlidays lovely furriends.”
“Awww! A very Meowy Christmas to you and your cat family.”
“Now, throw off that outfit and run nakey through the snow.”
'Tingeling', we wish you a Meowy Christmas and a generous Santa cat
“What a sweet Santa Claws he is.”
“Hahaha best black Santa ever! Merry Catmas!”
“Just when we thought 'Tingeling' couldn’t get any cuter...she becomes “Merry Christmas dear black sweetheart!”
[Video @tussetroll_and_tingeling, from Oslo (Norway)]