“Well, It's time to dress up our 'Sophie' as Santa Cat 2021” 😻

Cute Christmas GIF • Well, It's time to dress up 'Sophie' the black cat as Santa Cat
Owner: “Everytime you watch Sophie's wonderful life, an angel gets it's wings!” πŸ˜ƒ
“It's OK Mom, Now I'm ready to deliver Xmas gifts
“Precious girl, so elegant, I love black cats.”
“'Sophie', you are such a professional meowdel!” πŸ‘
“What a good and tolerant girl.”
“Cute Xmas fashion victim.”
“My God, she's so pretty! I could just cry!” πŸ’–
“So cute and patient, if  I do the same with mine she will bite me, haha!” 😼
[Video @sophie_the_model]