Cute Cat 💕 “My cat 'Summer' wanted to show off her baby to my baby.”

Cute Cat GIF • Mama cat wants her kitten to be friends with human baby ♥
Good Mama cat wants her kitten to be friends with your baby...
“OMG this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!” 💔
“You have a baby? I have a baby! So our babies should be friends like us, OK?"
“This is so adorable 💟 My heart!”
“You're the same age, that means you're basically already friends.”
“Mama cat was thinking: 'Let's put all the babies together so they can stay warm.'”
“Momma cats don’t like when the litter separates from each other.”
“Because all the babies in one pile is very easy to keep track of.”
“Yeah, better for warmth and she can protect both at once.” 👍
“In the wild cats will co-raise their babies just like this! That way some Mums can hunt and nap while some babysit.”
“This baby will belong to you one day, as it’s parents belonged to me.” 😂
"This one's yours!”
“Meet your future slave...” 😄
[Video: pearlsragdolls@TikTok]