“Waiting for Santa Paws with my new flashing Xmas hat.” πŸŽ…

Christmas Cat GIF • Grumpy cat waiting for Santa Paws with his new flashing Xmas hat
“This is the grumpiest Santa cat I've ever seen, but still cute though.”
“What a holy hat with Christmas light.”
“Ho Ho Ho! What a patient kitty.”
“He's so darn handsome.”
“You've been blessed by the Christmas Cat. ”
“What a beautiful doodie.”
“Merry Christmas my stunning furriend.”
“Such a moody handsome boy. Happy Christmas!”
“Me as a cat on Xmas day!”
“I am so impressed that he just sat there with hat on. Gorgeous boy
“His face looks like he was thinking 'I hate you so much for this, I swear to god'”
“I think he is pondering: 'I know where you sleep, just wait till 3 am and you will regret ever putting this hat on me.” Hahaha πŸ˜‚
[Video @louiswildlife]