“Oooooh...delicious french fries, my favorite Christmas ornament!” 😻

Christmas Cat GIF • Funny cat with pink tutu and shoes discovers delicious french fries as Xmas tree ornament
“Most delicious Xmas tree ornaments ever for a Bengal cat.”
“Ooh my little 'kitty you are so sweetie, what a cute princess.”
“What a tasty tree!”
“'You just brightens my day.”
“You look so pretty sweet girl with your pink tutu.”
“My favorite Christmas ornament now is...Princess kitty!”
“Om Nom! Nom! You have a yummy Xmas tree.”
“What a beautiful ballerina.”
I love her mini shoes, haha.” 😁
“HaHa, some cat lovers are...MAD!” 😜
[Video @angelbengal]