Hilarious cat startled by a sneak attack from the backl! 😂

Funny Cat GIF • Hilarious cat startled by his hooman. Sneak attack! Woah, that's a good 3ft of air minimum.
“OK Mom, OK, it was funny, have fun, I’ll kill you later in your sleep. I’ve got more important things to deal with right Meow!” 😾
“Woah! That's a good 3ft Of air minimum.” 👏
“I like the way it only lost focus on the toy for a nanosecond!”
“Not now Mom, I'm trying to focus here on that green weird thing!”
“Warning, that toy is noisy as hell and cats hate weird noises!”💢
“I sense danger, don't touch meee!!!”
“Epic FAIL! When the funny Xmas gift becomes a scary green monster! Poor kitty...”
“Just wondering: do cats can get heart attack?”💔
[Video: via v.redd.it]
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