Hilarious cat startled by a sneak attack from the backl! πŸ˜‚

Funny Cat GIF • Hilarious cat startled by his hooman. Sneak attack! Woah, that's a good 3ft of air minimum.
“OK Mom, OK, it was funny, have fun, I’ll kill you later in your sleep. I’ve got more important things to deal with right Meow!” 😾
“Woah! That's a good 3ft Of air minimum.” πŸ‘
“I like the way it only lost focus on the toy for a nanosecond!”
“Not now Mom, I'm trying to focus here on that green weird thing!”
“Warning, that toy is noisy as hell and cats hate weird noises!”πŸ’’
“I sense danger, don't touch meee!!!”
“Epic FAIL! When the funny Xmas gift becomes a scary green monster! Poor kitty...”
“Just wondering: do cats can get heart attack?”πŸ’”
[Video: via v.redd.it]