Funny kittens • Well, you can guess what time it is: lunch time of course! πŸ˜‹

Cute kitten GIF • 8 cute kitties meowing hard begging for freedom and food. Feed us! Feed us! []
“So hungry, so cute but so noisy, haha!”
“I just wanna boop all their little noses. I’ll take all of them thank you.”
“Feed them, don’t just film them begging, poor kitties.”
“Awww Gee, they want to get out and run up curtain, your sofa, your leg, they want to run wild and kittens just wanna have fun!”
“This is what heaven must be like for cat lovers.
“Please gimme the 3 ginger kitties.”
“The 5th 8th (Meow) symphony!”
“Oh My Ghost, I want to lay down in the middle of all of these cuties.”
[Video @rukasthecat] 
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