💥 When santacat.exe crashes unexpectedly! 💥

Christmas Cat GIF • OMG! santacat.exe crashes unexpectedly and falls on the floor haha [ok-cats.com]
“Sorry humans, I'm so tired, I can't walk and I can't deliver the presents today.”
“But l'm kneading WHATEVER, hahaha! ” 😸
Elton John's cat:
“I'm still kneading, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪♫
I'm still kneading, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♫” 😂
“Cute kitty, at the beginning he looks very shy...”
“Sometimes doing your best is not good enough.”
“Peekaboo, it's me... BOOM!” 👎
“To be or not to be (a Santa cat), that is the question.”
[Video @Tushie Pookes]
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