Funny Xmas MeerCat mesmerized by a weird thing: “Uhhhh...WTF?!”

Christmas Cat GIF • Funny MeerCat is mesmerized by the Christmas tree! 'WTF is that strange thing!?' []
“That’s exactly how my cat reacted when we put up our Christmas tree yesterday.”
“He just cannot ducking believe it!”
“Yep, this gorgeous Meercat reminds me of a real Meerkat on lookout scanning the area for predators.”
“I love this strange fluffy Creature.” 💕
“Could be another of JK Rowling’s fantastic beasts.”
“This cat is actually a Porg from star wars.”
“His weird fur is like a beard and he looks like a fluff bear, haha cute monster.”
“When you're naked, suddenly the doorbell rings and you weren't expecting anyone!”
[Video @yayoi89]
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